Like every year there are there are introduction days at the different universities. ESN also will have a welcome week, more info about that will follow soon!

Hasselt University
Students at REC (law), BMW (biomedical sciences) will start on September 8th. You will have a 1 day introduction day and maybe the different faculties will do something at September 9th.
All other students have their introduction days from 14-16 September!
On wednesday it is possible to register at the university, afterwards there is a info session and lunch. After the lunch there are several workshops given
On thursday you will have again some infosessions in the morning and workshops in the evening. During lunch it is possible to open a FREE bank account from Belfius at the campus.
On friday you will have some last infosessions and the faculties can have a seperate programme
Subscribtion and the full programme can be found here:
For more info you can send a mail to

PXL Hogeschool
You will have a welcome day at September 19th. You will have some info sessions during the morning and in the afternoon you can meet with your faculty.
If you want more information, you can send a mail to

UC Limburg-Leuven
You will have a introduction day at September 15th

Luca School or Arts campus C mine
More info will follow soon

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