Are you looking for accommodation in Hasselt, Diepenbeek or Genk?
First is to know where your classes are. There are several campusses in Hasselt Diepenbeek and Genk. Then you have to look where you want to live..

There are a many rooms (Kot) available in Hasselt, Diepenbeek and Genk. Consult the room database at:
WARNING: Some rooms around Hasselt do not use the official contract. If you find a room and you are not sure whether you can trust it, we can always help. We would like to make your experience abroad as good as possible, which starts with good accommodation!
More information about renting a room around Hasselt could be found here (Dutch only)
The landlords in this database make use of the model rental contract drafted by Hasselt University, PXL Academy and UC Leuven-Limburg.
If you rent a room advertised in our database, the Student Facilities Office will mediate if there are any problems. It will also provide free fire and personal liability Insurance if you submit a copy of your contract by 31 October.
These rooms can be recognised from the street by the sign 'Studentenkamer te huur' (Student room for rent) with the logos of the three institutions.
Rent for student accommodation in Hasselt and Diepenbeek is between 200 and 700 euros per month. The average rent for a standard student room is 260 euros. The rent must be paid at a fixed time every month. Before the start of the rental period you will also have to pay a deposit. Most rooms are furnished. However, bedding, towels, cookware and cutlery are not provided, so you will need to bring or buy these things.

We've listed a couple of tips for students living out.

There also is a hostel in Hasselt, located near the station. You can stay here for a few days while you look for a suitable room. Benefit from our welcome deal and enjoy a free night at a Hostelling International hostel between the 15th of August and the 30th of September! How to book your stay ?
1. Go to to get your personal code*
*If you don’t have your ESNcard yet, send us an email :
2. Send an email to to book your stay and mention the following:
- Your full name
- Your personal code
- Hostel of choice
- Check-in & check-out date

If your pre-enrolment is in order, you will get a discount on the cost of your stay at the hostel. More information at
You even get 10% when you say you are member of ESN Hasselt!

If you want more info contact – (+32)11 26 80 56 from Hasselt University from PXL Hogeschool from UC Leuven-Limburg

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