The year is almost ending :( But before you leave you can still help another international student! Many of you bought lots of things for this few months (plates, cooking stuff, duvets, etc). It's a waste to throw them away when you leave so we offer you a chance to give everything to us and we distribute it to the international students who arrive next year!

Donate your belongings like blankets, pillows, plates, pots, cooking stuff, duvets, etc. to us and we will distribute it to new international students who arrive next year! We only accept clean and working belongings

- Thursday 2 June from 12:00-16:00
- In the week of 20 June
If you can't these days, just contact us to arrange something
More date's will be available soon!

- In our ESNoffice, Hasselt University campus Diepenbeek
- People from Studho can contact Elena Nikolchova and leave it in her room

02/06/2016 to 24/06/2016
  • Everyone is invited.