ESN Hasselt is one of the youngest sections of ESN Belgium: since the second semester of 2014/2015 we are proud members of the network.  Though, we’ve already been active for many years as a local organization for Erasmus students. We represent all Erasmus students or other international students in Hasselt and Diepenbeek. Every year there are approximately 100-150 students, who mainly study at Hasselt University, PXL Hogeschool or UC Leuven-Limburg.

We are a group of about 15 students who would like to contribute to a great adventure abroad. Therefore we organize trips, parties and other activities to get most out of the stay in Belgium.

You can become member at one of our events. Please fill in this form, and finish your membership by getting the ESNcard at one of our events. ESNcard is available for exchange students, ESN volunteers, ESN alumni and former exchange students.
Our events are focused on Erasmus (and other international) students in Hasselt and Diepenbeek. However, Belgian students who are interested to get in touch with internationals are very welcome to join of course! In case you are interested to be part of our team and help international students, feel free to contact us.

Board 2015-2016:

  • Praeses (president): Xavier Boonman
  • Vice-Praeses (vice-president): Kevin Reynders, Julie Charlier
  • Quaestor (treasurer): Jeroen Steegmans
  • Ab-Actis (secretary): Dennis van Soest
  • Events: Elke Peeters, Kevin Crahaij, Kobe Briers, Ilse Briers, Saffira Baldussu, Erwin Oris, Julie Schenk
  • Sponsors/PR: Birgit Bielen
  • Media: Dominique Willemsen

Board 2014-2015:

  • Praeses (president): Philippe Ruland
  • Vice-praeses (vice-president): Björn Van Hees
  • Quaestor (treasurer): Xavier Boonman
  • Ab-Actis (secretary): Laura Hoekx
  • Events: Frederic De Smit, Kirsten Smets, Marieke Ramakers, Valerie Hoogewys, Randi Braunsdorf, Kobe Briers
  • Sponsors: Taryn Traest
  • Media: Dennis van Soest